A hiatus

As far as I can tell, nobody has actually noticed that ALJ has been on hiatus. :-) That’s probably going to continue for a while, as I reevaluate what I want to do with the site. My original goal was to provide a mobile-friendly site with a good way for job-seekers to keep up with the most current posts without having to visit the site every day (I think RSS is perfect for that, but maybe that’s too old-school). My secondary goal was to collect data on job ads–experience required, areas of expertise, titles, locations–and try to track trends in academic library employment. I can do this by running SQL queries against the WordPress database, but honestly, it’s kind of a pain, and I know there are better tools to help me track that data.

I want to focus on that for a while instead of obsessively searching for new jobs to post, when there are already so many sites that do that. Besides that, I have a paying gig that I need to finish up, and I’m preparing for some major work on my other big (unpaid) IT project, Communications in Information Literacy. So goodbye for now. I’ll post and tweet when I come back.

2 thoughts on “A hiatus

  1. Henry

    I’ve noticed. I’m looking for a gig to start in the spring or fall (I graduate in the Spring). I appreciate your work and hope this doesn’t turn out to be the end of it all.

    1. ALJ Editor Post author

      Thank you, Henry! I don’t think this will be the end–it’s just a long way from what I originally wanted to do with it, so I’m trying to figure out how to get it back where I want it. :-) Good luck with your job search!