Our curation policies, such as they are:

  • Typically, we go directly to the institution’s website to get the information for each post, and provide a hat tip to the job page that sent us there. Often, we surf around while we’re there and find other jobs to post too. In that case, we don’t give a hat tip. :-) We do not cut and paste from other job sites, but we do quote the job summary from the original post, in order to not add our own interpretation to the wording of the job ad. If a job is posted on job sites, but not on the institution’s own site, it won’t be listed here unless it was sent to ALJ by the institution itself.
  • We add a link to the Wikipedia page for the city or town the institution is in, so readers can get a lot of information in a hurry. As ALJ.net grows, we’ll have our own place profiles to link to.
  • Based on talking to many academic librarians, we believe that the majority of our readers love the physical campus environment, whether it’s in a small town or a big city. Because of that, we won’t post jobs at online-only institutions.
  • We reserve the right to determine what jobs are posted here. If you don’t see a job you think should be here, feel free to let us know. We might have missed it… or we might feel that it isn’t inside the scope of this site (for example, part-time jobs, or jobs that are contingent on funding that isn’t in place yet).
  • Eventually, we’ll add a section for non-MLS jobs. The editor of ALJ intentionally got a job typing catalog cards (yes, she’s pretty old) in the library of the university where she wanted to get her MLS just to take advantage of the tuition break for full-time employees, and has a great interest in helping other prospective librarians do the same. Right now, however, we’re focusing on jobs that require an MLS/MLIS or a similar degree.
  • You might have noticed that there’s a tag for “Entry-level” jobs. It’s pretty hard to tell sometimes what those are, but our criteria for determining entry-level is that a job requires less than three years’ library experience. Some jobs that require experience outside libraries (e.g., subject experience) might be tagged “entry-level” because they would be appropriate for someone with a lot of previous work experience but a newly earned MLS. If you’re submitting an entry-level job, please be sure to check the box for entry-level so we tag it.
  • Jobs will remain up for two weeks to a month after the deadline, just in case it gets extended. We check the links every week and remove jobs that are no longer posted.